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My Man of Steel Review (Spoilers)

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 22, 2013, 2:17 PM

I thought I would wait a week to write this not to spoil anything for anyone. I know these days, it seems once something has aired on tv, people start to spoil it for everyone saying "well it aired on tv, not our fault if no one saw it". So, hopefully most of you saw the movie, if not.. don't continue reading. Are you still reading? What did I just saying.. spoilers be ahead. 

I don't often write these, but I had such high hopes for this movie and saw so many issues. Don't expect what I'm about to write to all be in order of the movie. 

:bulletred:The Flashbacks ~ This was my biggest kick in the rear. They all should have been one scene, instead of thrown in throughout the movie. It also ruined a few deaths which I will get to in a moment. When he was sent down to earth, I thought we were gonna see him being found and a part of his childhood. Instead, they decided to throw in a ton of flashbacks in throughout the movie. Which brings me to another point...

:bulletred:The Fathers ~ So they both died, early on in the movie, but his dad on earth died when he was a child.. another damn flashback. His father on Krypton died early on as well in the movie. Yet they both still had pretty big parts. His father on Krypton, still appeared somehow, I forget how, but that doesn't matter. His fathers death on Earth could have been done better. The time he put his hand out telling Clark no and us waiting for the tornado to hit him, he could of saved him just by walking instead of using his powers to fly there. I really felt nothing for the deaths seeing as both actors still had parts after their deaths. If someone died, they should of left it at that because when his father kept appearing even helping Lois Lane escape, his death felt pointless to me. Why kill him off if you are just gonna have him appear in scenes later on. 

:bulletred:Your Bullets Cant Penetrate Our Armor ~ Okay, seriously.. you are trying to make a more realistic :superman: movie by not adding the red trunks, yet you over do it with the army shooting General Zod and his army over and over and over. We (I) got it the first time, bullets won't penetrate their armor, yet they decided to waste what felt like forever just shooting them. Which brings me to something else...

:bulletred:The First Fight and The Next After That... ~ Seriously over done CGI and a waste of time. I couldn't make out half of what was going on. No one seemed to get a scratch except for Zod at the beginning but not the other time when him and :superman: were constantly crashing through building after building after building.. I get tired of just saying it like I got tired of seeing it. The destruction to the city was awful and reminded me of something I wish not think of nor mention. I don't know how many lives were lost in that scene, yet :superman: wants to save the people, yet puts more lives in danger by fighting Zod. During that scene also, this lady was trapped under rubble and was saved perfectly in time.. whatever. 

:bulletred:The Humor ~ Was there humor in the movie? It was hard to tell because it was portrayed terribly to me. That or I was just dead bored of seeing Amy Adams. There were parts I wasn't sure if I should laugh at or not. Like when :superman: was talking to the guy on the other side of the window and then you just see him and his reflection.. was that suppose to be funny? 

:bulletred:Oh, Yes.. Her ~ She is no Lois Lane and must be recast if they do another movie. I'm not trying to sound rude or harsh, but couldn't stand her in this movie. Her nose kept taking up more screen time than anything else she was involved in. I.. just can't watch this movie again with her in it. I found it amazing too how she so perfectly followed him under the ice when she was looking at the picture on her camera. 

:bulletred:The Last Fight ~ Back to fights again, the last one was just as pointless except the part where :superman: snapped Zod's neck. Pretty epic that was, but why the fuck didn't you just do that earlier saving us the trouble? :faint:

:bulletred:HanS Zimmer ~ I love his music in movies, but it was really over done in this movie. Like when Clarks dad was dying in that damn flashback.. the music was trying to make you feel emotional. NO! I don't want music to do that.. if the actors can act good enough and pull it off, then it will work that way. I guess they needed the music tho since some of the acting was a bit bad. 

:bulletred:He's Hot ~ I wanted to punch myself after Colonel Hardy and that other army girl made a stupid comment. Was just a cheap and terrible line when she said what she said. :superman: crashed the satellite just because he felt the army was spying on him.. is that what that was about? I know you are trying to find out where I put my cape... 

:bulletred:WHAT? ~ I sit through almost three hours of.. I don't know what the fuck I watched and you don't put nothing after the credits? It's so obvious for that to happen in Superhero movies these days and to not do it made me feel they have no hope for a sequel. :stab:

:bulletred:I Got Glasses ~ I expected the movie to end the way it did with him getting his other suit and glasses on. I think that was my only favorite part when I saw him with the glasses. But.. did Lois know it was him or not, or was she acting as if it was someone knew? I was so fucking :confused:.

:bulletred:The Trunks ~ I don't like how they said they were going for a more realistic :superman: which meant getting rid of the red trunks.. why? The rest of the suit was perfect, the darker blue, darker red.. they could of done some sort of design down there with darker red so it didn't stand out so much. :superman: looked like a mannequins body down there. If you do a sequel, introduce a new suit.

:bulletred:Swap Spit Already ~ How many times did it look like they were gonna kiss? When they finally did it was just as cheesy as I knew it be. It was worse tho because they made you think it was gonna happen before and when it did happen it was just blah. 

:bulletred:Metropolis ~ Wasn't most of it destroyed if not all in the movie? Even the Daily Planet they all escaped from, right? Correct me if I'm wrong but then at the end of the movie the buildings all seem fine, they all have their job back?

:bulletred:Is This Star Wars? ~ Back to HanS Zimmer.. the beginning felt like Star Wars, even with the music. Not once did I hear what felt like the :superman: theme from the good old days of :superman: 1978. 

:star:Superman 1978 will always be my favorite :superman: movie ever. The tv show with Dean Cain comes in second and I don't know what should come third. I saw :superman: recently from 2006 and.. well I don't want to see that again either. I think the one from 2006 was.. better or worse? I don't know. 2006 and 2013 come pretty close to me. I think I'm done with this journal. I'm sure there is more I could go on about, but I won't. Don't hate me for pointing out so much, but this rarely happens with movies for me to point out so much. If anything can be better than this, it can be a :superman:equel. You may agree or disagree with things I've said, this is only my opinion. If you would like to share yours, go right ahead. 

P.s. ~ "It's not an S". 

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